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Kat Marks Lethrbar About

Photograph by Jager and Kokemor


LETHRBAR® by leather designer Kat Marks began in 2013 as an experiential service that offers fresh, modern leather goods for everyday use and special occasion. A defining characteristic of the concept is that our leather artefacts are individually treated throughout the entire process, from the construction to the dying, all within our own studio walls. Every leather good is created in the old-fashioned, time-honoured way of leather craftsmanship and is freshened up with our use of modern technology and our signature approach to innovative design detailing. Do you feel good about laser cutting? Because we feel good about laser cutting. In fact, we love to laser cut. 

Presentation and engagement have always been important components of LETHRBAR®. Whether for a corporate event or during a hands-on LETHR Together Workshop, LETHRBAR® creates a fresh, fun, immersive environment you won't forget.  

Oh yeah,  we're also from Calgary, Canada.


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